My enthrallment with the camera as a tool for creating and sharing visual experiences began when I was a very young child. My parents would give me disposable cameras to use during our family vacations and I would fill them with images of my surroundings in an effort to preserve each moment in which I was living. After receiving my first digital camera and gaining the ability to take a virtually unlimited number of photographs, I made it my goal to keep shooting until I created images I personally enjoyed and appreciated and, more importantly, that others enjoyed and appreciated—this enjoyment and appreciation deriving from subject choice, as well as design, aesthetic, and other artistic choices. I have continued to strive to do this for 15 years and am currently studying Fine Art Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I am especially fascinated with natural landscapes and urban decay. Much of my work involves abandoned or otherwise vacant spaces—I find these spaces to be captivating and beautiful. I am constantly working to expand my skill set and explore new tools, subjects, and aesthetics. I currently sell prints of my photographs (listings can be found on the “Prints” page of this site) and I aim to expand upon this post-graduation as I also work on commissions or in a more permanent position.


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